the collective

MakeShift is an independent collective of dancers and dance makers.

Formed in 2011, MakeShift was the brain child of five dance artists, all graduates of Queensland University of Technology and/or LINK Dance Company. 

MakeShift have appeared in the Brisbane Festival, Strange Attractor in conjunction with the Australian Dance Awards, National Dance Forum, Dance Week Brisbane, Anywhere Theatre Festival, the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival, CrossStitch for MetroArts, Short Sweet + Dance Festival (Sydney and Canberra), Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts’ Fresh Ground Residency, and Ausdance Queensland’s Bell Tower and Brisbane Front residencies. 

MakeShift are committed to contributing to and fostering a vibrant and diverse independent dance community across Australia and plan to continue creating art that moves, grounds, arrests, reflects and questions.

We like upside down rooms and empty spaces. We like the just-missed moments and the sound of snapping pencils. We like questions, and pulling threads, and denying the undoable. We think temporary is valid. We take our clothes off and put them on again. We rearrange the furniture. We turn the lights on and off and trick the audience and then hold their hands. We like having things to play with, and we hope you see something where we do.

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