One Two Ten 2015 Anywhere Festival

Brodie is an Australian Trombonist, Composer and Educator whose focus resides in the blurred lines between notated and improvised contemporary art musics. As a composer he has had works (and collaborations) premiered throughout Australia and Europe by ensembles such as: Ensemble Eigengrau, Kupka’s Paino, WAYJO, Doek, E.M.O, Jazzkill bandits, BULLHORN and Dot enter (the world forum on music). His compositional work is concerned with the exploration of space/architecture, sound mass and locational listening. 
As a Trombonist Brodie has covered a wide array of musical landscapes in both a literal and musical sense and has seen himself perform with ensembles by the likes of: ELISION Ensemble, BULLHORN, Andrew Garton’s Abbreviations Jazz Orchestra, The Mute Canary and The Con artists; to name a few. In 2014 Brodie began explorations into performing/creating works for solo trombone and has since had the opportunity to preform original and seminal trombone works throughout Western Europe and the Australian East-coast. This work consisted largely of musings in extended trombone mechanics and movement.
Currently based in Brisbane he is working on delivering two studios albums in 2015 for his Chamber orchestra, Trio and; working as a freelance Trombonist, Composer, Educator whilst working towards his Master of Philosophy in Music Performance.