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The Feather Collector


One Two Ten 2015 Anywhere Festival

The Feather Collector is the mysterious and ethereal vocal project of Brisbane based vocalist and composer, Hannaka. Using a loop pedal and an improvised language, The Feather Collector is a means for transcending the mundane.

Devised as a vehicle to conjure feeling that moves beyond words, the vocalisations begin the breath and on ideas surrounding our cyclic existence. The Feather Collector weaves a web of sound, movement and passion in a not quite music, not quite dance, not quite performance art, not quite drone manner.

The Feather Collector stands between the borders of different art practices. Her works vary from music-driven performances, which are wild, tribal-like and emotional, to installation and durational pieces that feature recorded sound productions, accompanying images and objects, giving life and expression to things such as trees, bones and water.The project was dreamt up on the rooftop of a hotel in Jakarta, while listening to the Azan-call from the mosques that goes out across the nation at dusk. Moved and inspired by the myriad of sounds that floated up, it sparked a desire to retell stories, mythologies and marginal histories. Like collecting feathers. Giving place and expression to wildness, the inverse of dominant discourse and the vague sense of transcendence that mankind experiences in times of rapture. As The Feather Collector, Hannaka Johnson has worked with a number of artists including composer Daniel Fournier, compiling a 4-track Ep entitled Ereshkigal that is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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