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One Two Ten

Anywhere Theatre Festival 2015

Leckhampton House

Foyer, stairwell, entrance, atic, bathroom, cupboard, balcony.

Presenting One Two Ten, a boutique, bittersweet anthology of stories, uttered at the same time for exactly two minutes until there is no one left to hear them.

ONE solo. TWO minutes. TEN artists.

Join us as one man yells sweet nothings from the rooftop. Another falls to his knees at your feet, over and over again. She waits, until the very last moment. He plays your song.

The audience roams through the beautiful and historic walls of Leckhampton House. Built around 1889 for Mr Charles Snow, Leckhampton has been a family house, divided into apartments, and eventually into office spaces. It is now home to the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts. 

"Fantastic show - I really look forward to seeing future work" - Audience member

"The sense of purpose and thought behind the works was palpable and appreciated" - Audience member

One Two Ten had its beginnings in 2013 when two of MakeShift's artists journeyed to Malaysia and experienced the magic of Two Minute Solos, a show produced by Five Arts Centre. Marion D'Cruz, the creator of the show, gifted the performance to them to bring back and try out in Australia. This is their realisation of that gift.

Curator: Caitln Comerford (nee Mackenzie) and Gabriel Comerford

Performers: Caitlin Comerford, Gemma Dawkins and Gabriel Comerford

Makers & Shifters: Emma Fishwisk, Kate Harman, Hsin-Ju Chiu, Nicholas Ng, Steven Quinn, Samantha Williams, Courtney Scheu, Hannah Peake, The Feather Collector and Brodie McAllister.

Materials: glass jars, cold water, feathers, charcoal, sari, rope.

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