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Resist Retreat

Resist Retreat


Commissioned work for the graduating dancers of the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts.

Performed at CoCA Cairns and at Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Fight or Flight, an instinct rooted deep at the very core of every human and animal. What is driving us forward? What gives us the strength to resist retreat, allows us to hold our ground, to surge forward despite the pulsating heartbeat of fear pounding in our ears, urging us to turn and run? 

We have explored how this notion of 'resisting retreat' impacts us physically and conceptually. We are curious how this affects you.

Choreographed by Caitlin and Gabriel Comerford

Performed by Amy Weatherall, Brianna Lee, David Biondi Odo, Jarryd Dixon, Jessica Midgley, Keia McgradyTrae Allen

Materials: light, sound, form.

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